As with the Pilot Road 4s, there are two other variants of the Road 5. The XST+ sipe on a new tire tread (top) versus on a worn one (bottom). For my street ride, I chose the Yamaha MT–07 as my mount, and as soon as we arrived at the twisties, I could tell that the Road 5s were much better than the Bridgestones on which I’d last experienced a MT–07. Lequel est le meilleur en conditions humides et sèches ? The extra large gaps allow these tires to retain good traction in wet conditions longer as it wears down while the … Regardez la vidéo pour le savoir! By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. The sport-touring tire’s job description now includes frequent commuter duty plus the weekend fun runs to the local twisties in addition to more traditional sport-touring adventures. First unveiled at EICMA back in November, the tire is aimed at the sport-touring market – or, well, whatever it is that’s replaced the sport tourer in the modern era. Here we were given two intense braking maneuvers to undertake each lap, and while the number of laps for each of the bikes, this time a Triumph Street Triple RS and a Yamaha MT–10, were the same, this track session was successful in its laser focus. At the launch event, we tested the new Michelin Power Competition tyres against the Pro4s on the company’s cycle tyre test track at Ladoux. Dunlop SportSmart 2 _____ Touring tyre test 2016. Like their predecessors, the Road 5s offer a fantastic riding experience – feeling equally softer and stickier than competing tires. I’m pretty glowing in my praise of the Road 5, but I will admit to being just a tad disappointed that no real changes have been made to improve tire longevity. What we have in the Michelin Road 5 is the company’s newest implementation of technologies unveiled in the Power RS in a different category of motorcycle tire. Going into a corner you feel rooted and secure. There’s something about the sensation that is reminiscent of having gum stuck to your shoe – except, rather than being annoyed, you love it. Continental Sport Attack 3 4. Chez le français, la dénomination Power … 1. Ride like a normal person with the Road 5 and you can keep riding like a normal person in the rain. The speed with which the Road 5s could haul the bikes down from speed was impressive. But that’s OK because those long-distance touring tires are notoriously not fun in the wet. The Michelin Road 5 Trail for adventure motorcycles will be available later this year. This is why a change was made from the Pilot Road 4. Michelin says the new Road 5 tire is up for the challenge. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Now, let’s move out to the rubber compounds. The Road 5 tires are not track tires. An interesting aside about the manufacturing of the Road 5 tires and their XST Evo sipes: Because of the shape of the molds required to create the teardrop portion of the sipes, traditional machining could not be used. The Monteblanco Circuit is a tight and technical track, and a mere 6 laps isn’t enough for me to fully learn my way around, much less form more than a cursory impression of the tires. Actually, come to think of it, perhaps it’s not magic. Afin de clarifier sa gamme, Michelin reprend l’ap… It doesn’t have to be big to be an Adventure. Sitting astride a grunting BMW R nineT and speeding through the Spanish countryside, I was soon able to forget all about the spinning rubber beneath me. The Road 5s’ neutral steering followed every line I asked them to. The GTs will be available in 2019. According to Michelin, the teardrop-shaped interior of the XST Evo sipes in Road 5 tires can contain as much water as new Pilot Road 4 tires after 3,000 miles of use. Gloves: Dainese Universe Gore-Tex Since the casing’s cords are not exactly at 90° to the tire’s rotation, the cords overlap themselves at an angle (rather than being parallel to each other) for further rigidity. I have a friend in the States who managed to get 14,000 miles on a set of PR4s. MNC du 31 mars 2017 : Essai du Michelin Power RS sur le circuit du Qatar A l'avant, le Road 5 est un bigomme "classique" : la bande de roulement - environ " 44% " de la surface du pneu - est plus … We rode 5.5km at a constant 180 watts on the … Rather than just being a slit in the tire, the inner section is a teardrop shape to allow it to displace more water. There is still plenty of tread left on the tire at that point, however, and if you live in a dry climate you’ll get quite a lot more out of it. While turn-in was neutral, I wouldn’t call it slow. When we consider sport-touring motorcycle tires, we typically envision clipping an endless series of apexes as we take a day’s ride (or two) through scenic countryside – perhaps with some soft luggage and a passenger on the back. Before that, though, Michelin brought journalists to Seville to experience the Road 5. The rolling hills, combined with the spectacular pavement make for a motorcyclist’s Disneyland-type experience, making it – for the time I was there – the happiest place on the two-wheeled earth. So, the center 66% uses silica in a higher concentration than the front for even more resistance to wear which is in line with the additional forces that the tire undergoes propelling the motorcycle. The center 44% of the tread incorporates a harder compound than the two 28% sides. Finally, there’s the XST Evo (X Sipe Technology) that Michelin claims will allow Road 5 tires with 3,000 miles of use to perform just as well as brand new Pilot Road 4 tires in wet conditions. The wet session at the track was much more successful – eye-opening, in fact. s d’entre vous et fidèles à Michelin, vous vous rappellerez sans doute le Pilot Power 3 ; 100% route également pour nos sportives. You feel confident and more eager to push. What We Can Afford: Keeway Superlight 125, Triumph Shares More Trident Images and I’m Underwhelmed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Instead, metal additive manufacturing, which could be seen as the metallic version of 3-D printing, was utilized. Photo Michelin. Michelin even says that the Road 5s will offer durability that is slightly better than that of the Pilot Road 4s. Keep your lean angle within 35 degrees, however, and everything should be fine. The tires never protested during the dynamic steering inputs of a swerve. Customer reviews. The rear tire’s special sauce is that the harder, silica compound runs under the softer carbon black, providing additional stiffness to the carcass to handle the additional forces of accelerating at extreme lean angles. Metzeler Roadtec 01 2. Using Michelin’s "Adaptive Casing Technology", the Power 5 … So, if you’re a fan of the 4s you might want to give the Road 5s a try to see if you like them better. Lisez les commentaires d'autres clients qui utilisent ces pneus. The first braking test had us decelerating from approximately 70 mph down to about 30 mph for a corner. For someone like me, that works out to a solid 7,000 miles before the tire’s wet-weather properties fade. The engineers at Michelin, though, felt they could better. We approached the braking zone at about 55 mph and braked as hard as we could before releasing the binders and swerving around a series of cones that represented the back of a vehicle. Again, I attribute this to the BMW rather than to the Michelins. After the wet track session, I completely understood why the Michelin reps had spent so much time explaining how much effort the designers had put into the weather performance of the Road 5 tires. Where the Power RS is focused on performance street riding with occasional track day use, the Road 5 is intended for everyday riding – read commuting – in the wet and dry followed by weekend canyon carving. The track portion of the day was divided into dry and wet sessions. The relevant take-away information is this: Michelin says its new Road 5 is so good that with 3,000 miles of wear it still performs as well or better than a brand new PR4. Michelin Alpin 5 a été testé par plusieurs clubs automobiles (ADAC 2018, Autobild 2018, ...) - nous avons résumé les résultats, ajouté les commentaires des clients et nous les avons mis en contexte dans … I found the tire feedback to be very good. It’s just something the skinflint in me would appreciate. Learn more about how this works. © 2021 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. You may know that I have a pet peeve about touring/road-focused products being introduced at race tracks (Ducati SuperSport, Kawasaki H2 SX, et al), but it made sense in this case because it afforded us an opportunity to test the tire’s abilities more aggressively. These come into play when a bike is leaned more than 35°, an amount that only happens on dry pavement. That’s an extreme example, though. 5. If I needed to change my line mid-corner, all I had to do was apply a little pressure to the grips. Michelin builds upon brilliance of Pilot Road 4 tire with improved wet-weather performance. According to Product Technical Manager Tony Charlton, Michelin’s engineers’ tests found the new Road 5 holds up slightly longer than a PR4 but the improvement is so nominal it isn’t really worth mentioning. The BMW, with its softer, longer traveling suspension, shimmied and wagged its handlebar when I whacked the throttle open. I could feel what was happening down at the contact patches enough to keep the rear brake from tripping its ABS in all but one instance. Michelin have promised to send over a pair of Road 5 Trail as soon as they become available later this year, so look out for that report in the summer. Michelin PR4 on the left and Road 5 on the right. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews and other articles. Here the Michelin test rider illustrates how much stopping power is available in the wet with the Road 5. Here we dealt with the imperfections and gravel and so on that these tires will actually be facing on a regular basis. It was at this point that Michelin reminded us that no sane person would attempt to be getting his or her knee down in a rainstorm. Here, I’m beginning to release the brakes in preparation for the swerve. Ce n’est pas un Pilot Power 4 qui l’avait remplacé mais un nouveau segment qui venait chatouiller la piste ; le Power RS. Die neuen Michelin Power 5 und Power GP preiswert bei I’m not really a knee-down kind of guy, but being on the relative safety of a track (if you crash it still hurts but you don’t have to worry about sliding into a tree or under a car) did allow me to push myself beyond my normal wet-weather comfort levels. According to Product Technical Manager Tony Charlton, Michelin’s engineers’ tests found the new Road 5 holds up slightly longer than a PR4 but the improvement is so nominal it isn’t really … Michelin sent me home with a USB stick full of jargon-laden phrases like “Michelin XST progressive sipe technology,” “elastomer,” and “Adaptive Casing Technology,” but that stuff causes my eyes to glaze over.