Xbox Series X Hands-On: Load Times, Quick Resume, and Compatibility, The Future of the Arrowverse After Supergirl, Immortals Fenyx Rising Exclusive Hands-On - IGN First, New Study Reveals Lakes Beneath Surface of Mars, Apple and Epic Games Legal Battle Begins Today, Microsoft Is Planning on More Consoles After Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Info on The Crown Tundra DLC Arriving Tomorrow, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. At the college tour, Jessica tells Justin that she doesn’t recognize him. Just want others,who visit this website, to know the correct information ? 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2, ” College Tour” is unpicking Clay’s character. The two guys seemed to be hitting it off as they talked at graduation. Clay finds a drunk girl on the stairs and her boyfriend takes her to the dorm; Clay follows and sees the boyfriend taking off his belt while the girl is unconscious — he approaches the boyfriend and when he turns around, it’s Bryce. He runs the gamut from hallucinations to dissociative states, topping it all off with violent paranoia to boot. And tormented, he is. Hope I’m not judging or trying to be rude. Ani resists, not answering his questions. These ghosts torment the students who were involved in their deaths, mostly in the form of ill-timed hallucinations, with Clay predictably suffering the brunt of them. When they get home, Justin is frustrated and doesn’t want to cost Clay’s parents more money. Everyone Who Has Died in "13 Reasons Why". Tony is searched by one of the cops in school. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2, “College Tour” confirms Clay has well and truly lost it. Or will he take it slow with his relationship with Heidi? But will Clay's realization that he tends to fall for girls a little too fast? Alex confides in Winston and explains how he tried to kill himself. Boland tells Clay that he received an anonymous tip that he did it. Alex and Winston go for a walk on the pier. Après la fusillade qui a éclaté dans un lycée de Santa Fe, Netflix a décidé d'annuler la première de la saison 2 de 13 Reasons Why. Season 4 could have been, in theory, about the students absolving themselves of their involvement in these past deaths by taking responsibility for their actions and getting rid of those specters before moving on to the next chapter in their lives: college. Like the previous chapter, it flits to 6 months earlier. Clay obviously denies it. Clay tells Ani that “someone” is trying to set him up after seeing graffiti on his locker. Who is Gordon Lightfoot from "13 Reasons Why"? In class, Justin asks Jessica if she’s okay but Jessica gets annoyed at him when he mentions trauma — “Let’s talk about you and Bryce”. Clay’s father is a professor at the University and offers to give a tour, adding to the awkwardness. Unfortunately, things are perennially complicated by larger than life events like the aforementioned protests, an unending cycle of violence visited upon those who previously perpetrated it, and the constant meddling of the adults. This constant interplay between the past and how it affects the present-day lives of these kids means that the focus on the far-off future that the parents of Season 4 are so concerned with is just that -- something on the horizon that never becomes the focal point that it should. When Clay returns home, his parents are sat down with the deputy sheriff, Diaz. It’s a game of “Who Is It In The Coffin?”, though this pivot in narrative focus arguably has its impact cheapened by the circumstances of how and why this final loss of life has happened. 13 Reasons Why prioritizes an excavation of the deeds of previous seasons rather than looking forward, and this feels strange given that the motivations for a lot of these teens’ questionable decisions are hand-waved away with every guidance counselor’s favorite phrase, “think about college admissions.”, Every TV Show Cancelled or Announced to Be Ending in 202080 IMAGES. Therein lies the problem with Season 4: it never gives its plot points any time to build up steam. Or was it too hard to completely let go of the one thing that brought them all together? He then enters the bathroom and sees the tap running; when he looks in the mirror his face smiles back at him but he is not even smiling. Every TV Show Cancelled or Announced to Be Ending in 2020. The inaction of those in power to stop what’s happening to the main characters really shines through thanks to the at-times excoriating writing, and that topic could have been explored more meaningfully as a wider comment on social responsibility or growing pains, if the writers had dug a little deeper. “Yeah, things are going to get worse. Si vous ne voulez rien savoir, ne lisez pas ce qui suit. I wonder if the twist is… that Clay did the graffiti? Much, much worse”. By contrast, the last dance of this season is one long, meandering whimper rather than a bang. We see the return of Hannah, Bryce, and Monty as spectral reminders of everyone’s murderous misdeeds -- It’s all very I Know What You Did Last Summer. Voir en français gratuit la série vite le top de la série 13 Reasons Why stream HD complet FR gratuit. An adaptation of the novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why tells the story of a group of classmates all affected by the suicide of fellow student Hannah Baker. Much as Season 2 of the show dealt with the fallout from Season 1, Season 4 has the burdens and loose ends of Season 3 woven into its DNA. Most egregiously, law enforcement obfuscates the process of justice and essentially helps to cover up a murder. Alex asks Zach the question — “When did you know you were gay?”. On the bus for the college tour, Clay is still very suspicious about Winston. It was a pretty interesting choice for the group to decide to bury her tapes instead of just burning them, like they did with Bryce's. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2, ” College Tour” is currently putting the spotlight on Clay, forcing the audience to question him. Meanwhile, Ani sees the spray cans in the crafts room and asks Estella if she’d like to get a coffee. David Moir/Netflix. They talk about Monty and Estella asks if there was any reason Monty would want to hurt Bryce. Résumé With the two of them going to Brown next year, they totally have a chance to start dating. Here's What You Need to Know, How to Help Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The flawed justice system has hung like a pall over the show since Season 1, and it’s a shame that it only continues to drag Clay and his friends down. The final season dives into a pool of teen issues, but is never at risk of drowning thanks to its shallow storytelling. This moment has a lot of potential to be poignant despite its messiness; however, like a lot of other moments in Season 4, it is undercut by something designed to be provocative. Headmaster Boland tells Clay that Sanderson University is not interested in pursuing the incident and that he’s not in trouble. As our lead character, Clay is the vehicle through which viewers will experience 13 Reasons Why’s latest cocktail of mental health troubles. We are fast becoming the number 1 independent website for streaming coverage. The writers' reliance on using shocking circumstances of the past to evoke emotional resonance ultimately peaks in a scene mirroring Bryce and Hannah’s doomed dance with two characters of vastly differing circumstances, with one common thread -- interpersonal violence. Here are all the questions we need answered after 13 Reasons Why season 4. Winston checks out Tyler’s photos; he asks Tyler if Monty was the one that hurt him — “You must hate him so much”. Zach finds a party and gets Clay involved — Clay, once again, freaks out but participates in the drinking games while eyeing his bag with the spray can inside. Attention, spoilers. As its characters said goodbye to each other, so did the viewers who had been tuning in over the past few years to see what would happen next to the students at Liberty High. Dylan Minnette deserves a commendation for the dizzying tilt-a-whirl that is portraying Clay this season; it can’t be an easy task to shoulder the bulk of the biggest emotional moments the show has had so far, let alone when they’re framed as pithy opportunities for social commentary. 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2, ” College Tour” frames Winston as an investigator again. In this sense, we’re talking about Monty, who died offscreen in a very convenient jailhouse incident, being survived by his very own justice league in his sister, Estela de la Cruz (Inde Navarrette), and old fling, Winston (Deaken Bluman). Découvrez la théorie des fans. 13 Reasons Why’s last season is a 10-episode clanger clearly aimed at giving the show’s tortured teens some much-needed closure. Here are all the spoilers and questions we have after watching it. Secure its future – we need you! Ani tells Clay to stop spinning and take a breath — “Stop losing your sh*t, work on that”. With the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd galvanizing public outcry across America, the timing of this season’s debut leaves something to be desired. Before he got the offer, he had been asked by Coach Kerba to help the team next season. As Clay does his college applications, he keeps seeing “Monty” showing up on his phone. So does this means we can expected a brand new Liberty High couple? 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2, ” College Tour” is currently putting the spotlight on Clay, forcing the audience to question him. Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. Or was Ryan just "working the room" as usual? Les saisons précédentes sont également disponibles sur la plateforme. At campus security, Clay’s father helps free Clay and Zach; he tells Clay that he missed his meeting with the Dean. However, while the kids of Liberty High have previously been put through successively elaborate whodunits to assign blame, Season 4 isn’t really about who did it. Who is the Shooter in "13 Reasons Why" Season 4? There’s also the introduction of Clay’s therapist du jour (Gary Sinise) because someone needs to anchor our tormented protagonist. This review of Minecraft Dungeons is based on the Xbox One version, played through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Will he still stick around as a coach? Read our mostly spoiler-free review of the final season. Daniel Hart is the Co-Founder of Ready Steady Cut and has operated as Editor-in-Chief since 2017. Clay tells the therapist that he is frustrated with always needing to “fit in a box”. The previous installments of 13 Reasons Why set up a towering house of cards of emotional stakes, and burned them down in spectacular fashion by each finale. La saison 4 est sortie en 2017-03-31 et regroupe 13 épisodes pour la série réalisée par Brian Yorkey. Justin asks Clay what was he doing in the room with the girl — Clay narrates, “I am f*cking lost”. Clay has a panic attack and collapses. Clearly meant to serve as a farewell to the students that we’ve come to know and sympathize with, Season 4 attempts a memorable finish but makes the same mistake that its predecessors did -- it tries to squeeze an ocean of teen issues into a kiddie pool -- and scrapes by, at best. 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Seventeen participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. At graduation, it was revealed that he will be attending school for music and that he's planning to start in the fall. We may earn commission from the links on this page. We are covering this, There are two things that always come up in discussions of Disney’s increasing monopolization of the entertainment industry – superheroes, 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 2 recap – there’s too much hate. Winston asks Ani, “What really happened?”. The environment of distrust that the writing fosters between the main characters is masterfully tense; it’s a shame that it also seems to undermine the ability for any of those kids to reckon with their choices in truly meaningful ways. Clay is freaking out that Boland and his father are on first name terms. La saison 4 de 13 Reasons Why est disponible en intégralité sur Netflix en France depuis le 5 juin 2020. Les paragraphes suivants révèlent des spoilers sur la saison 4 de 13 Reasons Why. Will there be changes at Liberty High to fix them? Episode 2 hones in on Clay and his mind as his overall character begins to change. The students made it very clear that the heightened police presence and the fake active shooter drills were not helping them at all, especially with their anxieties over these situations. The therapist asks what Clay was going to do next when he realized no-one else was in the room; Clay says he was thinking about having sex and that he was “hard” — he freaked out when he realized what was happening. Le tournage de la saison 4 de 13 Reasons Why s'est déroulé en Californie du Nord. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Suddenly, Clay has a panic attack and repeats “let me go” and has a fit. The Secret Society of Second Born Royals review – Disney’s toff teen super-team isn’t worth joining, Becoming review – maybe one day you too could be a celebrity. The aspect of the season that feels like it had been initially set up well, if not a bit too on the nose, is the appearance of literal ghosts of characters past. 13 Reasons Why l’assume. Winston holds Alex’s hand to try and make it intimate — Alex says he is not gay and walks off. At the University, Clay wants to find a trash can to throw away the spray can. Episode 2 begins with the priest talking about Liberty High again — “There’s too much anger and hate”. Netflix's 13 Reasons Why fans are freaking out over the season 4 and series finale. The therapist states it may get worse before it gets better. Tyler denies hating him, stating he feels bad for Monty. This swan song leaves nothing to chance, wrapping up almost every major loose end in what is now surely the show’s trademark: throw every possible hot button issue into a blender and mash the switch labeled “the power of friendship and de-escalation” until smooth. It’s the hapless parents not knowing how to have frank conversations with their children about mental health. This recap of Netflix K-drama series The School Nurse Files episode 6 — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers. Zach cries and says “sh*t is f*cked up”. Or did they want to keep them to preserve them for later?