KM# 113.1 Series: 1976 Montreal Olympiad. Haiti 1967, 50 Gourdes. I had $140 gourdes … The Haitian gourde and Haiti The Haitian gourde (ISO code: HTG), is the official currency of Haiti. 30 days ago. Front: French text; coat of arms with cannon, flags, anchor, bugle, drum, and palm tree; General François Cappoix; soldiers fighting in field with cannon; flag. Total weight is 16.75 grams, it measures 38 mm. It is made of .925 sterling silver.This coin has 0.4981 oz. Reverse: Fort Jalousière, Marmelade. Denomination: 50 gourdes Grade: Uncirculated Note Description: Front: François Cappiox Back: Fort Jalousière (Marmelade) Issued by:Banque de la République d'Haïti / Bank Repiblik Dayiti NOTE: Occasion : Bicentennial of Independence of Haiti (1804-2004) 2004-2016 Using this website, you can find the current exchange rate for the Haitian gourde and a calculator to convert from gourdes to Dollars. Total cost: $200 gourdes per vehicle + $50 gourdes tip = $450 gourdes. Books Values are provided from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 2th Edition.Please note for certain banknotes BNWorld, Inc. uses the Market Value when no Book Value has been assigned or there is a significant gap between SCWPM's Book Value and the current Market Value. It is made of .925 sterling silver.This coin has 0.4981 oz. 50 centimes 1972 copper-nickel commemorative coin FAO LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE / AUGMENTONS LA PRODUCTION ALIMENTAIRE / 50 REPUBLIQUE D'HAITI 1972 Coin value - $3-4 . Haiti 1973 Sterling Silver 50 Gourdes Coin.Low Mintage-5853 Coins.Toned KM# 105 The obverse has woman and child and the reverse has National Arms. The coin pictured is the coin you will receive. Battle of Vertières scene. Haiti 1974 Sterling Silver 50 Gourdes Coin.Low Mintage-21000 Coins. I took my brother-in-law, my sister and 3 other friends to a local bar and we had 24 ice cold Prestige beers... Total cost $40 gourdes per bear = 960 gourdes. Banknotes currently in circulation are 10 gourdes, 20 gourdes, 25 gourdes, 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes, 250 gourdes, 500 gourdes and 1000 gourdes. You get now more gourdes for an amount in Dollars than you would have just a month ago. This coin has a reeded edge. In 2004, the Banque de la République d'Haïti issued a series of notes to commemorate the bicentennial of Haiti. The obverse has half figure with torch above Olympic flame flanked by athletes and the reverse has National Arms . Haiti 50 Gourdes Banknote, 2013, P-274d. HAITI - Billet de 50 Gourdes - 2016, Haïti. Coat of arms of Haiti (canons, flags, drum, anchor, soufflets, trumpet, sailing ship, palm tree with with Phrygian cap). Description Haiti 50 Gourdes 2004 General François Cappoix (P274) Purple, red, and green. This coin has 50 centimes 1981 copper-nickel commemorative coin FAO PRODUCTIVITE / 0,50 GOURDES 1981 REPUBLIQUE D'HAITI / JOURNEE MONDIALE DE L'ALIMENTATION Coin value - $5-6 . Obverse: Francois Cappoix (1766-1806) also known as François Capois, Capois-La-Mort, Cappoix-la-Mort. Haiti 50 Gourdes 2004-2013: Item Code: HT-274. Nos Garanties Vendeur Français Boutique internet domiciliée en France depuis 2015 Haiti 1967, 50 Gourdes, 10 th Anniversary of Revolution Voodoo Dancer, Mintage 8681, Fine 8.88g.. 590.00€